The oryx

Why did we choose the Oryx as the Efficiencia emblem?

This beautiful antelope is the perfect example of a system knowing naturally adapt its behavior to its environment in a totally efficient way.


The Oryx is living from the desert dunes of Namibia to the arid plains of the Kalahari. It has a natural thermoregulation system that allows it to live in extreme conditions of heat and desert dryness.


In order not to save water, it doesn't sweat, produces a highly concentrated urine and is able to live without water for almost all year round, only with morning dew.


When it is very hot, it leaves its body temperature up to 45 °. While its facial temperature, it still remains at 38 ° thanks to its breathing that allows it to cool the blood before reaching its brain.


Its black and white mask on its face and black stripes on its gray dress is a complex sunlight absorption and reflection system helping to adapt itself to the extreme conditions of a desert environment.


During the day, it fits up to its environment by taking advantage of the shade, orienting its body relative to the sun in order to be exposed the least possible. It is often seen on top of a dune head up into the wind to regulate its temperature. The night, he rejects the accumulated heat during the day. Finally, it is quite active in the early morning and late afternoon, during the coolest hours.

Efficiencia spirit

Efficiencia designs and develops applications that provide occupants and building managers the means to understand and control their energy use.
By the the work initiated by Professor Alain Cordier, renowned scientist in thermal and thermodynamic, Efficiencia make applications that helps to reduce its energy consumption accessible to as many people as possible.

A natural inspiration

We believe that the simplest ways are the most effective, 50% of the energy consumption of buildings could be avoided only by adapting our daily behavior.

Give back hand to users

With the rarefaction and environmental impact of fossil fuels and the rise of renewable energy, we need to rethink the way we use energy. We need to switch from a model where energy is abundant to an other where energy is produced locally and is intermittent due to changing weather conditions.

Manage is predict

We have developed a technology of energy forecasting to provide visibility on impacts of weather for energy consumption and production. Our solution also propose actions to anticipate and adapt its behavior to reduce its consumption without lost of comfort.

Technology should be a means, not an end in itself

Today's, building control has become a necessity. While some are choosing the whole automation, we believe that the consumer should remain the master of its choice. This requires new ways of interaction between the users and the building.



Sébastien LAFON - CEO

Product manager in charge of partnerships, project leader.
7 years experience in thermal engineering and renewable energy.
Establishment and management of two companies in the past 10 years.

Christophe BERTHUET - CTO

Head of research and development programs.
17 years experience in project management, team management, GUI and software publishing.

Alain CORDIER - Scientific expert

Advisor on thermal and human comfort.
Founder and former director of the LESETH laboratory of Toulouse Paul Sabatier University.
Creator of the thermal and energy simulation engine developed by Efficiencia.

Wall of fame

Efficiencia is a young company, we have invested a lot personally and thanks to a call for participation we could raise additional funds ! This money will help us to develop new ideas, so a big THANK YOU to all those who support us !