Thanks to its ease use and its scalability, energy forecasting technology developed by Efficiencia is perfectly suited to a multitude of applications for energy and comfort management in buildings. We currently work on the development of our own applications, but we are also with your listening to suit your specific needs. Possible applications are:

Energy management

Implementation of the energy forecast solution NESSY developped by Efficiencia into a building energy management tool to:

  • prevent peak demand;
  • identify optimal behaviour scenarios for heating or air conditioning;
  • know the forecasts CO2 emissions under scenarios set.

Comfort management

Decision-making application to improve occupant comfort in a commercial building as well as reduce energy consumption. Through Efficiencia forecasting technology in conjunction with simple and non-intrusive sensors, the application will propose no cost actions to:

  • place users at the heart of energy performance improvement measures;
  • increase efficiency and occupant comfort;
  • quantify the real effect of behavioral measures on energy efficiency and comfort by filtering out other factors such as climate.

Management of energy autonomy

Management application of building energy autonomy. Using consumption, production and storage energy forecasting, offer to the building or real estate manager indicators and actions necessary to:

  • increase significantly its energy autonomy;
  • provide for electricity grid failures;
  • minimize the use of fossil energy sources;
  • master ther the intermittent supply of renewable energy sources.

Energy Retrofitting on a historic heritage

Decision-making application to energy Retrofitting of a city historic heritage. This app, fueled by a building, equipments and behaviour database, provides energy efficiency scenarios based on energy, environmental, financial and social criterias, in order to:

  • identify the most efficient actions;
  • preserve and enhance the historic heritage;
  • implement targeted communication and incentives measures on those actions;
  • Rate the financial and energy benefits on the scale of the city;
  • get feedback on the effectiveness of actions implemented.

You have a definite need or an application idea, share it with us !

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